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Who is a better fit for my team?


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Which player is better for my team?

Josh Smith or Pau Gasol?

12 team 9 Cat league H2H

My team

PG-Chris Paul

SG-Kobe Bryant

SF-Josh Smith

PF-Larry Sanders

C-Al Jefferson

G-Mike Conley

F-Amir Johnson

UTIL-Eric Bledsoe

UTIL-Enes Kanter

UTIL-Jonas Valanciunas

Bench-Kyle Lowry

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I like Pau Gasol better, but Gasol's not in his prime anymore. I think his days of giving round 2 value are over. However, considering they were both ranked in the 8th round last season, Gasol had a terrible year and Smith is expected to get worse. I would make this trade.

You also don't have any SF's after this trade, so try to get a 2 for 2 or another trade lined up after this.

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