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Jrue - Pau - Amir For Bledsoe - Vucevic - David west

le mak

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Jrue = Bledsoe give of take. Bledsoe has more upside, but Jrue is proven and provides more counting stats

Pau > Vucevic. It's close, but I'd give slight edge to Pau. More well rounded player. Was a top 15 fantasy players just a few years ago.

Amir < Kanter. Kanter has more upside, however, Amir provides more STLs and Blks.

It's really close. Jrue/Pau/Amir give you better percentages/assists/blks while Bledsoe/Vucevic/Kanter give you more Rebs/Stls. Overall I'd go with Jrue and Pau, but as I've said, it's close.

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