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Should I trade LeBron James? WHIR

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I was proposed with this offer today:

My: LeBron James

For: Paul George, Thaddeous Young, Pau Gasol

I don't believe that is enough, but I was thinking of countering with:

My: LeBron James

For: Paul George, Serge Ibaka, Pau Gasol

Would that be enough value to make me trade LBJ? WHIR

My team is fairly deep as it is:

PG: Mike Conley, Kemba Walker, Mo Williams

SG: Victor Olidipo, Evan Turner

SF: LeBron James, Jeff Green, Maurice Harkless

PF: Larry Sanders, Cody Zeller, JJ Hickson

C: Roy Hibbert, Greg Monroe

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Wayyyyy too much for LeBron.

First trade is close, but needs an upgrade from Thad Young.

For what its worth, I traded LeBron for Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Eric Bledsoe.

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