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Who to add/drop? WHIR


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My team: (24 man H2H, 9 players per team)

Tiago Splitter ©

Derrick Favors (PF/C)

Amir Johnson (PF/C)

Kevin Durant (SF)

Wilson Chandler (SG/SF)

Nick Young (SG/SF)

Trevor Ariza (SG/SF)

Kemba Walker (PG)

Michael Carter-WIlliams (PG)

See any glaring weaknesses? Do I add/drop for anyone?

Brandan Wright (PF/C)

Patrick Patterson (PF/C)

Thomas Robinson (PF)

Jared Sullinger (PF)

Earl Clark (SF/PF)

Derrick Williams (SF/PF)

Omri Casspi (SF)

Jeremy Lamb (SG/SF)

Alec Burks (SG)

Rodney Stuckey (PG/SG)

Jarrett Jack (PG/SG)

Patrick Beverley (PG)

WHIR as always.

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Beverly for Ariza

Jack for Young

Having Durant in a 24 team league that plays 9 players must be awesome!

Thanks for the input. But unfortunately, if I pick Bev, that would make me crowded at PG, making me have 3 pure PG's. (As opposed to a versatile PG/SG). The set-up is we can only play 5 per day (one PG/SG/SF/PF/C). So having too many PG's ruins you. I prob shouldn't drop MCW for Bev right?

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I think you should stand still with your team. I think you are overthinking it right now. MCW will be ok in time and I think you would regret giving him up. Keep an eye Patterson on Sac, he might be worth a scoop for someone like Ariza soon. I have a feeling Ariza and Webster are going to be in another timeshare like last year. http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=388884 - Help?

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I'm so scared Jack won't be the same guy he was when he was with GSW, especially after coming from an injury. Mike Brown doesn't seem to be a run and gun type of coach that Mark Jackson was. I'm willing to drop Ariza, but for who? Beverley seems obvious, but I can't have 3 PG's. That would be too much. If I'm getting Beverley, I have to drop MCW. Or do I just drop Ariza alone for Stephenson/Burks? Thanks!

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I'd prefer Jack to Young, but it's really tough to tell...whichever one you choose you should be ready to switch to the other within a few games before someone picks him up, if you picked the wrong one. I think it'll be quickly very obvious which is a better guy but like you realize we need to see them in their new situations first.

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