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Rate my team/opinion on trade WHIR


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12 team 9 cat. I'm thinking of trading for Dwight somehow because I have Drummond so I might as well tank ft, but only realistic trade I can come up with is Irving+Dalembert for his Dwight+Mayo or Turner. Thoughts on that too will be appreciated.

Kyrie Irving

Al Horford

Mike Conley

Tim Duncan

Bradley Beal

Ersan Ilyasova

Andre Drummond

Gordan Hayward

Jimmy Butler

Victor Oladipo

Reggie Jackson

Samuel Dalembert

Shawn Marion

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i like ur team, but i wouldn't trade Irving for dwight ... even if ur doomed to punt FT !

and i wouldn't trade al Horford for dwight straight up.

i say Give the Drummond , and try to get someone who won't hurt ur FT.

whos on his team?

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His team badly needs a pg, but people usually underrate Conley so I'm not sure he would want him. I doubt I would get much out of Drummond either with him because he is pretty new to fantasy and Drummond ain't a big name yet.

His team has James Harden, Rudy Gay, Dwight Howard, Paul Millsap, Andre Iguodala, Oj Mayo, Paul Pierce, Joe Johnson, Evan Turner, Robin Lopez, JJ Hickson.

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I offered the Dwight owner Irving+Dalembert for Dwight+Iguodala. Seems fair for both sides? If he rejects then I'll probably look to trade Drummond, or even stay put for now and look to trade him later in the season when he starts beasting.

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