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Zac Stacy or Gio Bernard for week 8?


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WDIS and why?

Bernard probably will have more catches, but Bengals could be in the lead which would mean more BJGE. Rams will be losing which would take out Stacy from getting rushing stats. Stacy probably has the higher chance to score. Both have bad matchups. I'm so torn. Thanks and WHIR.

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I was literally about to make the excact same post..!! I have the same choice for my RB2 spot. I have Stacy in at the moment, just because of his greater TD potential.

However....I think he will be running into a wall all day and probably average about 2ypc. The lack of Bradford removes that deep threat so the Seahawks have the luxury of defending the run. And that's an awesome D

Bernard has been my RB2 for a few weeks and has done ok. He will only feature in the passing game I expect, but his share with LawFirm is so fustrating and I'm not sure if this matchup will suit either of them

I also have Pierre Thomas as an option but I think he's my third choice.

So anyway I'm having the same problem and I can't call it! Will follow this thread to see the responses!

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