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WR's decisions, WHIR


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So Garcon is my WR1 this week.

Who should be my WR2 ? (.5 PPR)

Gordon - vs KC with Campbell under center :s

Blackmon- vs 49ers

Amendola - u know, he's a mess. but have potential

Nicks - had 18 pts last time vs Phily, but was awful last week vs MIN

Who would you start and why ?

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ya i am stuck also, i like Blackmon but sooner or later all this is going to catch up to him, and he will be shut down and double teamed. Is it this week against the 49ers maybe. Nicks i like against Philly for sure they will try to contain cruz and leave i think a lot of one on one matchups with Nicks which will benefit him. Like others have said Amendola does get hurt a lot BUT with Gronk back, and Miami D giving up 270 passing yards a game, they cant just focus on Amendola if they do Gronk will tear them apart. This will be the first game this year with Gronk, amendola and thompkins all together in the lineup. I am intreagued by this matchup and would prob lead to starting Amendola here. My second choice would be Nicks.


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