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Harry Douglas or Terrance Williams ROS?


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Hey all!/ I just got Harry Douglas off the Waiver Wire but I just noticed Terrance Williams, who has a much better matchup this week... In your opinion, which receiver is in a better position team wise and schedule wise?

Harry Douglas or Terrance Williams going forward? (PPR)

My PPR Team:

QB - Rodgers

WR - Dez, Fitzgerald, Gordon, Harvin, Douglas

RB - Bush, Moreno, Ridley, Woodhead, J. Bell

TE - Orange Julius, Witten

K - Hauschka

DEF - Orleans (thinking about switching to Dallas)


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Roddy coming back doesn't hurt Douglas a ton. Julio still got his with a healthy Roddy, and Roddy coming back may take the defense off covering Douglas. Who knows.

I honestly like Douglas more. He gets more targets, and Atlanta's defense is so bad, they are always playing catch up. Atlanta also has a great schedule after the Carolina and Seattle game.

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Okay, what about for this week... I'm thinking that Williams will get a lot of action against a poor Minnesota pass defense, compared to a Carolina defense that Douglas has to go up against

Your thoughts?

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I like Douglas because he is getting crazy targets right now. You cant trust Dallas at all. When Roddy comes back Matt Ryan will still be spreading it out like he does. Also Roddy's injury is sounding more and more serious. I would expect him to come back slowly and not be explosive. Trust Douglas.

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I would take Douglas regardless if Roddy comes back. Who knows how Roddy will effect Douglas targets yet? He might not even be 100% but as of now I'll take Douglas cause Ryan throw tons of balls to him and he's been reliable and having a connection with Ryan.


If you needed solid Fantasy Production THIS WEEK... Who would you start at Flex...

Williams @ Minnesota

Douglas @ Carolina

For this week I'm thinking Williams because of the shape Minnesota is in, and how it could be a blowout... But please correct me if I'm wrong

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Just worried that Williams might not get enough looks?

Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't know anything about Williams

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