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Jordan Cameron + Vernon Davis Value?


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My team is in Sig.

Reed owner wants my Dez for his Reed + Marvin jones. so there is no way i am going after Reed

Im worried about Gronks and Grahams injuries so im not crazy giving up crazy value for them

That leaves Vernon Davis and Jordan Cameron for TE's id go after

What would be a fair offer for either V Davis or J Cameron


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I already offered that to the Davis owner and he declined

Did you try the Cameron owner?

Just offered it to him.

Do you actually think Blackmon + Heath = Cameron or Davis? The cameron owner is really weak at WR

Heath is a back end TE1, and Blackmon is a WR2. It's fair value, but that doesn't mean they're interested in either.

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Try Miller and Heath for Vernon. Miller went for over 100 total yards this week so he that is an argument you can tell the other owner.

As for Cameron, I would do the same, Benjamin is injured and Campbell locks on to Gordon and Cameron

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Wow i honestly thought it would be too little. Glad to hear it should be enough. Im killing at the TE position

What would be a good offer for Gronk or Graham then?

You'll be getting in the RB1 range for Graham.

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