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Rogers for Luck - massive decision


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Hey guys,

Just received the following offer in my league (4 keepers) - 2 year keeper max

Rogers for Luck

With Rogers hurting, it would be huge to get someone like Luck.

Plus, I get Luck for 2.5 years , compared to only 1 more year for Rogers (plus whatever games for Rogers this year)


Thanks guy

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That is a tough call? Are you playoff bound? or fighting for the playoffs? I personally would probaly take that deal. You get to keep luck longer and if Rodgers is hurt all year u win this year as well.


I'm currently leading my Div by 1, and 1 behind the overall leader (currently 6-3). Other teams have really made some big moves today to secure their squads

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Id make this move. Rodgers is missing 3 weeks minimum and you have the chance to get a top QB for now and the future.

Take it, and put your all into winning the league.

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Tough call man, I would probaly make the deal.

In my league, Rodgers and Luck have both scored 151 pts. Yes Rodgers didnt play last night.

Luck is not that far off from Rodgers.

The way i look at this is, Yes luck is a slight downgrade, but he is not hurt. You will get to keep him for 2 more years.

I personally would make this deal. Sucks to lose Rodgers but

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