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Trading for Rodgers WHIR 100%


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alright so i am tied for first place in this league (7-2) with 3 other teams, but i have the tiebreaker because of points scored. I have andrew luck as my QB and i do not like his playoff matchups (weeks 14,15,16) so i am trying to trade for either Rodgers or Romo

I told the Rodgers owner (2-7) to send me an offer on what he would want for him and he sent me this:

His Rodgers and Steve Smith

for my Vjax and Ivory

Is this a fair trade? im leaning towards no because he probably wont even make the playoffs to be able to use Rodgers anyways.

Would you guys do this trade? What do you guys think Rodgers is worth. My team is in Sig.


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I think you can afford the trade. The only thing is that we dont know if Rodgers will return for fantasy playoffs or if he returns how he will return. Try to get Romo or wait until further news on Rodgers come out. If we hear he will certainly return by week 13 then go for Rodgers. It is not like you are giving those players to a contender


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