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It's a 16 team league. Our scoring is TD only with 4 points/passing TD and 6 points/any other TD. We start 1 QB, 1 K, 1 D/ST, and 6 flex (RB/WR/TE) every week. This is my team:

QB - Ryan

RB - Lynch, Joique Bell, Pierce

WR - Jordy, Michael Floyd

TE - Gonzalez, Davis, Reed, Tim Wright

K - Gould

D/ST - Panthers

I traded for Ryan a few weeks ago, and he's been terrible since. With my team 4-6 and currently in a tie for the last playoff spot, I need to make a move and win with only 4 weeks left and the other team holding the tiebreaker. I want to upgrade at QB and get rid of Ryan. I'm looking at Russell Wilson as a target. Here is that team:

QB - Wilson

RB - Morris, Mendenhall, Helu

WR - Allen, Cooper, Stills, Hankerson, Edelman

TE - Gronkowski, Clay

K - Sturgis

D/ST - Dolphins

What would be a fair trade? Both Ryan and Wilson have to be in it since we each only have 1 QB. I was thinking maybe Ryan/Jordy for Wilson/Gronkowski, but wasn't sure if that was a good deal. What would be a fair deal for both sides to get me a new QB?

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Thanks for the help with mine.

Tough trade to pull off given your assets and those of your trading partner. But I don't think there's any way he'll accept Ryan/Jordy for Wilson/Gronk.....from my perspective, he gets two downgrades. Nelson's value has taken a major hit with ARod going down, while Gronk is one of the biggest red zone target hogs in the league. Doubt he'd give him up.

I think Ryan/Jordy for Wilson/Cooper is more fair. You get a solid upgrade at QB, while he gets an upgrade at WR (especially if ARod gets back soon, and that's a big if).

Not saying you shouldn't lead with the offer you proposed, but be prepared for him to reject it.

Good luck.

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Yeah I think I agree with Razr that I would wait one more week IF you can. He could blow up as a very solid target for a rookie QB. He could end up getting 10-15 targets. Thanks for the help with mine.

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