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Rate my lineup for the playoffs! WHIR as usual


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So 12 team PPR...I've made a few moves, not all great but this is what I have left. Should I make any final moves? I know trading JThomas seems logical but I am allowed to Flex him so I can keep him. Can I win it all with this lineup?



RB: Stacy

WR: BMarsh

WR: TSmith

TE: Gronk

Flex: JThomas

K: Bailey

DST: streaming currently Cardinals

Bench: Andre Brown, J Jones, Cutler, Greene, T Williams, TRich


Thanks and WHIR!!!

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I agree with Silkk1211. I would try to combine Julius and Smith/Willams/TRich for an upgrade at WR, then put Brown in your flex.

Help? http://forums.rotowo...howtopic=400251

Agree with this as well. WR2 is really your only soft spot, and packaging Julius along with Torrey for a solid WR1 is something you should consider.

Thanks for the help with mine earlier.

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Not a fan of your qb situation. Although you've made some great waiver pick ups in a brown, and stacy. RB you solid, WR pretty solid (just not a big fan of t smith). I would say look to trade j Thomas, and rg3 for something better, or rg3 and Trich if you could pull that off. I personally like having depth on the bench in case of injuries (had martin, and Julio this year), but sometimes you have to roll dice and go for it down the stretch.

Overall as you are now you definitely should have a good shot at it, unless its a league with a few really stacked teams and then a bunch of rookies being taken. If you believe as you are you are the strongest in the league roll with it, because you have depth currently to save yourself in case of an injury. But if you trade that depth away and get an injury I doubt you'll pull it off in the end.

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I got Andre brown via trade, traded Ridley for him when Ridley was thrash and I'm still not too high on him. I got Stacy via waiver but I got lucky I saw the info on twitter before anyone else and it was more of a gamble ...I do love the depth and I'm concerned about Gronk getting injured ...I'll put something out there and see if I can improve my WR2 , thx!

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