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5-5 team.. too early to trade AP?


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10 team standard league, I am 5-5

My Team:

QB: Romo, Palmer

WR: Gordon, Nicks/Randell, Terrence Williams, Dobson

RB: AP, Lacy, DMC, Vereen

TE: Cameron, Bennett

I am thinking of offering this trade:

I give:

AP, DMC, Nicks (or any of my WR other than Gordon)

I get:

AJ Green, Rashad Jennings, Zac Stacy

His RB now are Tate, Jennings, Stacy, Montee Ball...

The yahoo evaluator thing shows its a bad deal for me and I am hoping he doesn't put a lot of value in Stacy because i think Stacy is a stud. I think this is a great deal for me and hopefully the other owner is blinded by AP.

Anyone else think I am crazy or think this offer wouldn't be accepted?


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Not a fan, as I stated above. Stacy has his bye this week, and plays SF and AZ weeks 13 and 14. And even week 15 isn't a great matchup vs the Saints. Although their run defense sucks, they'll almost assuredly be destroying St. Louis. They'll have to throw the ball to stay in the game. Peterson has GB, ChI, Phi coming up. All awesome matchups.

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I think in your position you have to roll the dice. You may squeak into the playoffs with that roster. Making this trade, if Stacy does continue to perform, you come out better than your team is right now as the dropoff from AP won't be that big, and adding AJ Green would be a huge boost for your team. Of course if Stacy doesn't perform well, then you're sunk.

I say do it, gotta go for it, getting knocked outta the playoffs in the first round doesn't get you anywhere.


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I don't think you're getting good enough of a return to move All Day. I like Stacy but he's on bye this week and you'll be down a RB plus StL has a few tough matchups left.

I'd worry about getting another WR. Of course that may mean moving Peterson but I don't like the return in this deal.

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Considering you need to win to make the playoffs, if you make that trade the bye weeks may kill you. LIke someone else mentioned the Bengals have their bye next week and Stacy is on a bye this week, so you wouldn't even reap the full benefit of the trade at the most critical time.

Personally I would look to move Lacy for a Wr1 straight up or Lacy for a high end wr 2 and low end rb2.


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You need to win now, so I don't think you can do it. Like others said, you'll lose 1 week of both Stacy and Green, so both of those weeks, your team will be no better off than it is now. Your WRs other than Gordon aren't superstars, but they have the ability to put up enough points to get you a win when you are starting AD and Lacy at RB.

I'm personally not sold on Stacy yet, either. He's looked like a stud, but defenses will adjust. To me, he's not enough of a sure thing to give up Peterson.

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