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I have a few Important Questions


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Alright my leagues trade deadline is this friday so i plan on making a few trades.

First, Rank these RB's for ROS: Ivory, Vereen, Lamar Miller

Second, Is Luck for Julius Thomas and J Bell a fair trade? (the Thomas owner has Andy Dalton as his starting QB)

Third, what do you think Aaron Rodgers is worth (Rodgers owner is fighting to make the playoffs and needs to win now)

Thanks and leave a link!

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Ivory > Vereen > Miller

Rodgers is worth what you can get him for... no one likes being raped so I don't think he will bend over and give you Rodgers but maybe you could give him Ivory or try to sell him on the upside of vereen (easier if this was ppr). Don't think you could work Miller after that abysmal performance on monday night. You are thin at WR so not sure I would want to give up someone there.


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Ivory, Miller, Vereen. They're all VERY close though.

I would do that deal, big upgrade over Wright

Rodgers might be a tough sell, he'll probably want more than what Rodgers is worth, because getting a low end player probably won't help him out much. Don't overpay for Rodgers.

Thanks for the help with mine!

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1 - Ivory, Vereen, Miller.

2 - that's a fair trade, and a pretty good trade for you I think.

3 - assuming he has no value as a keeper, he's worth a low RB2 or WR2, if the guy's desperate, maybe even a flex player. I agree with others, don't overpay, but you might be able to offer low and see what he says.

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