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Propose This Trade? **WHIR**


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10 Team Standard No PPR (Team in sig)

I was thinking of proposing the following trade.

I give:

Dez Bryant OR Demaryius thomas

Jordan Cameron

Philip Rivers

I get:

Drew Brees

Rob Gronk

Anquan Boldin

Is this a good trade, or should I not offer this and do a different trade?

Here is his team.

QB: Brees


RB: F-Jax

WR: Boldin

WR: Washington

TE: Gronk

FLEX: Cooper

D/ST: Panthers

K: Crosby

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I don't really think he'll accept this. Furthermore, this trade would give you two top QBs, and you can only play one of them, so I only like this trade for you if you're planning to deal one of your QBs.

Maybe Stafford + DJax + Cameron for Brees + Boldin + Gronk

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I would keep Dez and send Demaryius instead, but I kind of agree with mbauer8286. With Stafford and Rivers you don't really need Brees, unless you have a deal lined up for Stafford. I would do it for Gronk basically, and obviously Brees is good to have, but I don't think you need him.

If you feel like making a move anyway, then do it with Demaryius instead of Dez.

Thanks for the help on mine and sorry for the delay in responding!

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