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Pick 2 WR - Keenan Allen, Larry Fitzgerald, Percy Harvin, Alshon Jeffery

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I have a logjam of WR2s and need to choose 2 of them to start Week 11. Who do you like?

Percy Harvin vs. MIN

Keenan Allen vs. MIA

Alshon Jeffery vs. BAL

Larry Fitzgerald vs. JAX

Choose 2 for my PPR league team and then leave a link. WHIR!

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With those choices I wouldn't risk Harvin until we know he will play a full game and see the knod of targets he will get. Jeffrey would be my first choice. Close between Fitz and Allen - it seems like JAC is a matchup that I would give the nod to FItz and Palmer w/ Roberts and Floyd hurting.

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Alshon is the surest bet. Balt is turd like versus the pass and I'd not be surprised by a big game.

I'd go Fitz next. Jax is acceptable versus the pass, but the Cardinals have looked better lately and Fitz is way more talented than any Jax coverage guy.

I voted against Keenan as I just think he will be iffy versus a pretty stout Miami D that has something to prove after that terrible loss to Tampa. Harvin is a good bet, but I don't like the uncertainty.

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