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I had the #2 Waiver in my league. Sanders was dropped last week, he cleared waivers and I grabbed him since my league has an IR and I had no one on it and figured he was a nice stash. The owner of Ersan also had Kobe and was hampered with other injuries and dropped him. I figured he would not clear waivers and used my #2 claim and got Ersan.

I am now in the situation where my team was off to a slow start in week 1 and I lost and had really low point total. Week 2 I won and now week 3 I lost by a couple points because Ersan is taking a roster spot and not producing points.

Should I drop Sanders and move Ersan to IR and play the waiver wire game to try and up my point total and try to make sure I win this week? Or do I stand pat and wait for Ersan to hopefully return soon and keep Sanders as a stash. Waiver wire is picked pretty clean, I was thinking of grabbing Blatche for this week if BroLo is out with 4 games on the schedule. Thanks!

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