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Need some quick sit/start help! WHIR

Dr. Gonzo

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Kicking myself for starting Antonio Brown on Thursday now that Ridley is inactive. Not sure what to do with my RB2 and Flex. Right now I have Chris Johnson @ IND and Josh Gordon vs JAX starting. Should I swap out Chris Johnson for either of:

Shane Vereen @ HOU

Gio Bernard @ SD

Should I keep Gordon in my flex over any of the above that I do not start at RB2?

Also, who should I start at QB?

Rivers vs CIN

Wilson vs NO

Thanks, leave me a link and I'll help you out.

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Think you have to go Vereen with the Ridley news. Has the potential for a monster game. I'd actually go with him over Gordon in the flex and Chris Johnson in the RB 2 spot. Had a pretty good game against Ind last time out. Would be fine with Gordon or CJ2K but I'm leaning Johnson based on more guaranteed touches.

QB is real tough, but I think I'd Rivers based upon the season he's had and the fact that he showed last week he can carve up an elite defense. Wilson the safe play, guaranteed 15 but rivers with the higher upside.


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