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Which TE would you roll with this week? I currently have Gates and Green (who I can drop). Pitta and Tamme are available. Which would be the best bet for this week and the ROS?

Also, Steve Smith or TY Hilton as WR2 this week. I'm leaning towards just going with Smith and being happy with whatever points he gets.

Standard scoring league.

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I would play Gates this week, I am assuming the Chargers will have to pass the ball to keep up with the Broncos, so he will have some chances for targets. I would definetly drop Green and get Pitta as your backup TE.

I would start TY Hilton, he scored three touchdowns the last time they played the Texans. I doubt he will do that much again, but there is something about that matchup that works for him.

Thanks for the help on mine.

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