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2014 Completed Trades Thread

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  • I got Le'Veon Bell, B. Marshall, R. Jennings, and B. Lafell
  • I gave up Demaryius Thomas, B. Tate, I. Crowell, and R. Mathews

10 team std. league

My team:

QB: Cam Newton

RB: D. Murray, B. Tate, L. Miller

WR: D. Thomas, J. Jones, J. Nelson, A. Johnson

TE: A. Gates

DEF: Lions

K: M. Bryant

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Just traded McCoy for Green

This is the team I drafted:

T. Brady

P. Harvin, L. Fitzgerald, J. Edelman, C. Shorts, R. Randle, G. Jennings

M. Ball, E. Lacy, A. Ellington, A. Bradshaw, R. Rice

G. Olsen

Through 4 separate trades I acquired B. Marshall, A. Green, V. Cruz, L. McCoy, P. Rivers and I got K. Allen, T. Smith, J. Bell, R. Mathews, B. Oliver on the waiver wire.

Now my team looks like this:

P. Rivers

B. Marshall, A. Green, T. Smith, K. Allen, L. Fitzgerald

E. Lacy, A. Bradshaw, J. Bell, R. Mathews, B. Oliver

G. Olsen

I like my chances moving forward.

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I'm 2-5 at my 10 team league. And i've decided that it was about time to trade gordon, or i would not reach playoffs

so, the best i could get was > Cam Newton, Crabtree and Seahawks DEF for Josh gordon and bears DEF

my team now:

Kaepernick , Cam Newton

Lynch, Gore, Mckinnon, Bush, Tre Mason

Marshall, Watkins, Odb Jr., Crabtree, C-Patt




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