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2014 Completed Trades Thread

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Traded Jeffery to get Hilton and Jones-Drew. Replacing T-Rich with Drew helped, but had to win my last game to make the playoffs. I played against Jeffery who scored 42 sealing my fate.

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Well in my dynasty league I guess injures had a lot to do with this trade Turing out so bad but 1 hour before the trade deadline I traded (full dynasty league):

Moreno, Ball, Antonio Brown, Brock Osweiler an Tavon Austin for Gronk, Marvin Jones and Miles Austin.

What can I say I really wanted gronk

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This type of thread usually exists, right? If it does already, please delete. If not, please pin.

I always find these interesting.

I traded Moreno/Garcon for Watkins/Martin. This was of course the day before Moreno got hurt :ph34r: .

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I'm late in posting this. It was a pre season trade done a week before the season started.

Its a 2 QB PPR league where you also start 2 RBs, 3WRs, TE and 3 flexes. I was offered Rodgers, RGIII, Stacy, Spiller and Maclin for Brees and Stills.

The trade was horribly unbalanced in my favor and the only reason I think the guy did it was he was trying to spread away from a risk with the Packers as he had Rodgers, Nelson, Cobb and Lacey. It was odd too that he did not attend the draft so these were auto picks. I already had Fred Jackson, so he thought having him and Spiller would cover me in Buffalo. I was not enamored with getting RGIII, but I wasn't going to complicate things with a counter offer. He would be my 3rd QB behind Rodgers and Stafford. I cut Sproles, Kaepernick and K Robinson to make room for the added players.

He had Colston on his team, so he should benefit from the Brees to Colston and Stills connections.

The trade went through and was not vetoed.

After week 1, I picked Sproles back up again on waivers. I cut Maclin a couple of days later to pick up Welker who was waived by somebody else.

Sproles started week 2 and looks like a gem and Jackson and Spiller have been very good in the flex spots. I've had Stacy on the bench so far with Leveon Bell and Vereen starting at RB. After RGIII got hurt, I placed him on IR this week and got Cousins.

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