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Need opinion on big trade. WHIR as always!

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My roster

Ty Lawson Den - PG

Michael Carter-Williams Phi - PG

Russell Westbrook OKC - PG

Rodney Stuckey (Det - PG,SG)

Brandon Knight (Mil - PG,SG)

Dion Waiters Cle - SG

Tyreke Evans NO - SG,SF

Kevin Durant OKC - SF

Thaddeus Young Phi - SF,PF

P. Millsap Atl - PF

P. Gasol LAL - PF,C

Anthony Davis (NO - PF,C)

Jared Sullinger Bos - PF,C

Choose one

Westbrook + pau gasol


ryan anderson + ibaka +(maybe oladipo i might be able to squeeze this out of him)

This topic is a repost after i saw ibaka's TERRIBLE game today and gasol really picked up his game on friday

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Honestly brutha to be straight up I'm getting tired of hearing about Anderson like hes a super star fantasy player... We've gotta ask ourself where was he before Anthony Davis got injured? And where do you think hes going to be once Anthony comes back??? Dont ge me wrong he is currently tearing it up but its also about longevity and I just dont see the hype around him. What do you do a month from now when Anthony is back and Anderson is just back to being a mid tier stretch 4??? How I see it is Westbrook > Ibaka and Anderson will be on the decline soon where I see Gasol can only go up. I'd stay put but obviously I'm pretty out numbered on this situation but this is just my opinion. Either way good luck brutha!


Also I dont want everyone thinking I'm an Anderson player, the guys one of the best stretch 4s in the league and was playing well when Anthony was playing but all of his big games have come since Davis has gone out so you have to factor in what his stats are going to look like once Davis comes back, thats all I ment by this comment. Happy trading boys!

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I have both Westy and Thad.

Westbrooks + Thad for Ibaka +Ryno + Olad is a no brainer.

Ibaka side wins.

Three solid player and any Orlando trade will only help Olad get better.

Thad might get traded and who knows what he will become.

ok i shot the offer out, what do you think about the original offer though

Westbrook + pau gasol


ryan anderson + ibaka +(maybe oladipo i might be able to squeeze this out of him)

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