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Just got offered Aldridge+Hickson for Love!

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Greetings Rotoworld fam,

Looking for quick feedback on this one. I'm doing pretty well so far with my roster and Love is obviously my star. I was just offered Aldridge+Hickson for Love. Other notable players on his roster (in the event I have interest and want to swap out Hickson) are:

Klay Thompson

Goran Dragic

David West

Andray Blatche

Gerald Henderson

I have interest since it involves his first round pick in Aldridge but Love has been a beast this year and has helped me stay in the top 5 (out of 20 teams). What do you think? Thanks again!

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I'd keep Love.

I'd be looking for more value than Aldridge + Hickson, Love helps you too much in 3pters and assists for his position. I wouldn't give up those valuable stats just for Aldridge. He'll marginally improve your FG%, FT%, and blocks but I value what Love does more.

EDIT: misread in my initial post, so I can't work out exactly what trade offers are viable with your trade partner but I definitely think you hould go for more than Hickson giving up Love.

Perhaps throw in your Marshall and sell high for someone like Dragic?

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