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Better pickup?


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Both Furrey and Johnson are on the wire. I want to hear from a few of you about who you think will be a better pickup between the two.

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Johnson has a more favorable schedule. But Fitz's health is a big factor, here. Remember, even when Boldin was in the lineup, Fitzy got significantly more targets from Warner (unfortunate for many of you Boldin owners). There's a possibility that Johnson, with a healthy Fitz, will put up comparable numbers to Boldin. But then again, Boldin was injured all year, so you never know if that impeded his performance.

I can't speak to Furrey, as I've never seen the Detroit offense in order to guage how they use their receivers. But if he starts, he's a #1. You can't go wrong with a #1, in my opinion. Supposedly, he was a huge disappointment this year. Maybe this injury will vault him back into stud-like status?

Just throwing some thoughts out there. I, personally, picked them both up.

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