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2 NEW Leagues are as follows:

The first league is a 4 sports league with cross sports trading with progressive keepers. Each year until the end of season 3, we will keep an "X" amount of keepers that will increase to a maximum amount at the end of season 3. Cross sports trading is you can trade between all 4 sports at any time for any player(s) going each way.

The second league will also be a 4 sports keeper league also with cross sports trading only you draft compete real life teams. We will draft all teams from all 4 sports league before the baseball season starts. When drafting these teams, you can draft any team from any sport that you want now in any order. You have to have a minimum of 2 teams and can have a maximum of 4 from each sport. There will be 2 left over teams once the draft is over and those players will become free agents for everyone. Once you have drafted the sports teams of your choice, you then pick your rosters from those teams.

If you have any questions regarding each league, please let me know and I will answer them for you or provide you an excel spreadsheet that will better help you. Message me at urbanslapshot@yahoo.com.

The existing league is as follows,

This league is a 4 sports progressive dynasty league with cross sports trading(meaning you can trade between all 4 sports anytime you wish). In this league you also have to play 7 alternate sports(Golf, NASCAR, Pro/College/College Bowl Pickem, NCAA Bracket and Survivor). You get points based on where you finish in each sport for a yearly champion. This league is played on Yahoo and its a Head to Head, One Win League.


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