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Thoughts on my team?


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Just finished a 10-team H2H Most Categories draft. I was hoping I could get some input on where my weaknesses lie and potential trade candidates and targets.

C - Salvador Perez

1B - Paul Goldschmidt

2B - Matt Carpenter

3B - Evan Longoria

SS - Everth Cabrera

2B/SS - Jedd Gyorko

1B/3B - Todd Frazier

OF - Ryan Braun

OF - Justin Upton

OF - Starling Marte

OF - Billy Hamilton

OF - Adam Eaton

UTIL - Avisail Garcia

Bench - Brad Miller, Anthony Rendon, Kolten Wong, Nick Castellanos, Kole Calhoun

SP - Madison Bumgarner

SP - Gio Gonzalez

SP - Julio Teheran

SP - Sonny Gray

SP - Danny Salazar

SP - Lance Lynn

RP - Kenley Jansen

RP - Koji Uehara

RP - Steve Cisheck

Bench - Yordano Ventura, Alex Wood

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for helping. Not sure what're most categories but if you have holds then relievers are king. Also drop Rendon for like Pineda or someone.

Nah, this league doesn't have holds. And that would be a good idea but there aren't really any attractive SP out there. Thanks

If someone is in need of help at 2b, try to trade one from your depth for something that can help you

That's probably what I will do. Figured I'd grab a couple of the top prospects and hope one or two pay off. Thanks

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I think you're fine right now - lots of balance, some pretty decent depth overall. I like this team. You can certainly move a bench bat or two to upgrade elsewhere if need be.

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The one issue I see is you have a LOT of SB on your team. Billy the fast kid, E Cabrera and S Marte are all primarily speedsters, with Billy and E providing zero value outside of SB.

This makes your split guys (Braun, J-Up, Goldy) less valuable than they would be to someone else because you're getting tons of steals from other players.

I'd try to trade Billy for a similar value pure power dude, should even out your lineup considerably...

If you considered this already, and your league regularly posts high weekly totals of SB for winners please disregard the previous statement.

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Good point about the too much speed thing. I'm not sure if Hamilton is the one I should move though, as he could single handedly carry the category. Cabrera fills out a weak position, so to me it seems like Marte is the odd man out. Any thoughts on this? Any specific players I should target? Mark Trumbo comes to mind.

Thanks all for feedback. Leave links and I'll help in return.

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Personally I think Billy is WAY overrated. You can get MUCH more in return for him, while reality is he and E-Cab most likely end up with a pretty similar stat line. 250ish avg and 45+ SB. Hamilton could steal MANY more, but only if he finds more ways to get to first base...

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