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Todd Coffey is back!

Bob Dutton of the Tacoma News Tribune reports that the Mariners have signed right-handed reliever Todd Coffey to a minor league contract, pending a physical.

Coffey missed all of last season following Tommy John surgery, but he impressed scouts during a throwing session last week. The 33-year-old could be a useful bullpen piece for Seattle.

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Stopped reading after seeing that not one Fielder made the team.

How is this allowed to be a thread? I've been warned for less

Counting down the days until Japhet Amador makes his MLB debut

King Kelly had a huge personality. Does that count?

Also, he played every position Throw him at whatever position you need.


Look how dapper he is!

King Kelly definitely qualified near the end of his career, the bold lettering in honor of his captain's status wasn't a slimming look either


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This thread is the best thing on this site now, damn I am glad it got bumped. Forgot about it.

If we can go into the '90s I can come up with so many fatsos it isn't even funny... I still probably have their ballcards in a box somewhere if it didn't get tossed or lost in a move. And half of their body shots looked like the cartoons on the bazooka cards.

A friend of my father's was a conditioning coach or something of that for the Rangers, and Chi Sox for awhile... and he was with Charlie Hough for both tenures I guess, who would ride a conditioning bike while smoking a cig and watching TV during his workouts. Didn't he throw the Marlins' first pitch at 500 yrs old? I don't remember if he was fat by then but he made Greg Oden look 2 years old....

Anyone mention Kenny Rogers yet? He was a tubbo near the end.. and most of the time in general.

They don't make 'em like they used to....

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