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May 9th 2014 Gameday Thread


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Guess what I mean is there wasn't all that much time too say all that much. And after it was said the umpire really made no attempt to do anything.

Also I didn't see anything that Puig had done wrong. Bumgarner couldn't have even seen the bat flip with his head already turned

The speculation is that Puig didnt run fast enough.

Isn't that getting a tad picky? Not running fast enough?

Seems strange defending Puig but I really didn't see anything wrong compared with what other players do.

Yes its very nit picky. Guy didnt do anything wrong this time. Hits HR, puts head down, runs bases. The hate for Puig knows no bounds.

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Am I missing sarcasm? Pug was infinitely childish and punkish with his flip and saunter around the bases

That flip was a 1 on a scale to 10. Is he supposed to sprint around the bases? This is a curious standard he's being held to on his time around, he didnt saunter he jogged. He only slowed down when he saw Bumgarner waiting for him on third base line. Thats on bumgarner. The only thing I've seen anyone take exception to was the slow down on 3b line and without Bumgarner waiting that doesn't hAppen.

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