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So I lost JoFer, then made blockbuster minutes before games

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Essentially standard 5 x 5 roto. Keep up to 7 forever.

I lost JoFer last night, as did many. He joined Bryce & Kipnis as my keepers on the DL. So my thought was "guess I'm playing for next year." So I made an offer that was accepted:

I dealt Votto, Beltre, & Rodney for Goldschmidt (& Crawford & CCarter).

He didn't want to deal Goldy but said he couldn't turn it down.

I love it for the future, but not even sure I hate it now. Votto is not as valuable in 5 x 5. I now have Goldy, Frazier, Lind at 1B/3B/CI. Still have Rosenthal, Hawkins, & Shaw as potential saves.

I gave up a ton, but love the deal. Think I'm solid this year still and got out from some older/declining hitters.

My keepers now:

Goldy, Bryce, Kipnis, CGomez, JFernandez

and probably 2 of:

Bogaerts, Pence, Teheran, Minor, Hamels

Interested in people's thoughts.

Good move? Paid too much?

Leave a link. I'm happy to reply.

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Looks good for next year. Not sure why you had to give up on this year though? Seems like you still had a bunch of good players.

I really don't. Think I was stage 3 of the mourning process lol. Actually think I'm still ok this year though.


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would there be any chance you could move jofer for someone that could help you this year? if you didnt make this trade already and want to try and compete this year?

Yeah, for sure. I'd be able to pull a decent amount i think. Think I'm gonna hold until the deadline & decide if I'm a buyer or a seller.

Appreciate the feedback.

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I actually like the deal for you now given the guys you have stepping in for Votto+Beltre have a power pedigree. Goldy is a top 3 talent in his prime going forward especially when Trumbo comes back. I have JoFer in my dynasty and given the age I'm holding almost no matter what. With his work ethic he'll be back at an age a lot of pitchers make the bigs.

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I'm not sure. For the future, yeah, but this year, probably not. Votto and Beltre are the type of guys that can carry a team. So is Goldy, but give me 2-for-1 for this season.

Probably the only reason he did the deal. That said, he had McGehee at 3B. Upgrade was big for him. I think I had the depth to make this move and maybe not lose much.

Appreciate the thoughts. Pretty certain I got all the links. Let me know if I missed one.

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Do you guys ever reply to a question and NOT leave a link because you realize you don't even want the opinion of that OP?

haha for sure. or ill leave it just so my thread can get bumped but disregard the their thoughts.
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