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Need more info to say for sure. What are both sides needs, who is the side getting more players dropping and are there WW options for the other side?

Its hard for me to imagine side one has that many holes that those latter three guys are all that much of an upgrade. I wouldn't do CarGo for Cueto as I think batter > pitcher and Cueto will regress eventually. Estrada for Peavy makes it closer but Melancon would have to keep the closer role for me to think its a good trade for that side (Grilli is back in a couple weeks) and you'd have to desperately need a power OF for Soriano to make a difference the way he is playing.

If there are any decent waiver wire options at all, I say side one wins as they can probably replace Soriano and Melancon easily. Otherwise, there would have to be little on the wire and a couple garbage guys on his bench for Side B to win, or they'd need to be desperate for an ace.

Help me if you can:


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