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Pence + Frazier for Ellsbury?

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Standard 5 x 5. Keep up to 7.

Got a guy desperate for a corner. I own Goldy, Frazier, Lind, Chisenhall.

Ellsbury hasn't been great, but is he a good buy right now? Pence is very solid.

Who would you offer? Or would you stay pat?

Leave a link. Happy to return the favor.

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I'd say he's only a good buy if you need steals. His power isn't there and it never really was. Dreaming the short porch would make him a 15-20HR guy was a pipe dream. He's not stealing as much because he's hitting third, but I have to imagine that eventually, Girardi will realize he really does have no power and just let him run like crazy. If you need speed yes but, frankly, unless Frazier is on your bench, I think Pence and Frazier will likely have more value in everything but steals.

Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=442885

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