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2013-2014 Playoffs NBA Finals Game Thread

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Honorable mention to the Dallas Mavericks. Looks like the only team good enough to take the Spurs to 7.

These playoffs simply confirmed that Pop and Carlisle are among the best coaches in the league.

Oh yea. I mentioned it a few pages back but it gives me great pleasure Dallas (my team) took them to 7. I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for the Spurs franchise and I love to see them embarrassing Miami.
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I believe Spo is a very good coach and doesn't get enough credit because of the big 3, but man he has been absolutely schooled by Pops in this series. Pops has pressed all the right buttons in his rotation subs, Spo has failed to adjust.

Unfortunately for Spo, I really felt that the key for him to put a good line-up out there was to bench d-wade and place a shooter in his position. Wade is eating up space inside, and his floaters are always contested and aren't falling. He rarely slashes strong anymore. His finishes are floaters instead of clear lay-ups. And for Spo, I think it's hard to bench Wade and he would have dealt with a huge backlash if he benched wade and they got blown out.

Birdman, Bosh, LBJ, Allen, Battier / Rashard I feel would have been the best line-up esp in comeback situations because they need 3s. With LBJ handling PG duties

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Why would you bench lebron with 6 mins left down 18 and the season hanging in the balance????

I think he's pretty much given up himself. He can stay in the game if he really wants to. I didn't see him put up any kind of fight. It's over.

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Been a while since you heard the crowd cheering the commish during the awarding ceremony. Silver seems to be a nice guy. Just one thing with his speech though, would it have been the same speech if Miami won it at their home floor? The greatest fans? That certainly doesn't apply for the heat.

Also with Kawhi the MVP, you could see that the entire team are really genuinely happy for him. Even Parker, Manu, TD. I like Kobe, but you knew whenever Shaq held the MVP during their 3-peat, that Kobe wanted that award for himself

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ADP predictions for Kawhi? I'm thinking he's firmly back in the top 20 in terms of preseason hype.

late round 2 or early round 3 latest. He will be overdrafted. Kawhi is great, but with the way the Spurs manage their guys, and Kawhi not being that assertive (just not his personality I think), he will be a better pick in roto than in H2H

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