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Jose Peraza - SS/2B CIN


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Looks like he ain't coming up ... at least not yet:

Braves recalled INF/OF Adonis Garcia to Triple-A Gwinnett.

The 30-year-old journeyman was hitting .284/.314/.369 with three homers and 47 RBI in 87 contests at Triple-A. He'll provide bench depth for the Braves.
Braves recalled INF Daniel Castro from Triple-A Gwinnett.
The 22-year-old infielder should get a decent look this time around now that Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson have moved on to the Mets. He's hitting .300/.340/.334 in 89 games between Double-A Mississippi and Triple-A Gwinnett this season.
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Has started playing SS now as the Braves continue to increase his versatility. He has now played 2B, SS, and CF this year. It looks like he will break in with the big league team as a super utility man. I expect him to be called up mid August maybe even sooner and spend the rest of the year getting 2-3 starts a week. Peterson has cooled off considerably so he could end up getting more time if he hits.

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Dodgers have Howie and Rollins as free agents next year.

Justin Turner looks to have 3b on locked down, Seager slips into SS.

So Peraza starting at 2b? I'm not sure if the Dodgers are willing to break in two rookies at up the middle positions at the same time though.

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They've talked about re-signing Howie but if they think Peraza can handle it then they'll let him walk and collect the draft pick. This year's team's failures on the basepaths might have paved the way for Peraza being a part of their future as long as he doesn't become Billy Hamiltonish.

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Alex Guerrero for 2016? Will there any big name free agent 2B this offseason?

I see the Dodgers trading Guerrero before giving him a starting infield job.

As far as free agents, I think this could shake out.

Dodgers love flexibility. With the A's trade of Zobrist, he will not have a qualifying offer attached to him this off season, so any team can sign him and not lose a draft pick.

Zobrist is the king of positional flexibility. I think the Dodgers will let Howie walk, retain a draft pick for him and go after Zobrist as sort of a hedge for both either Seager and Peraza. They won't just hand the job over to Peraza but if he takes it and runs with it, Zobrist can back up a multitude of other positions.

You have Justin Turner entrenched at 3b now. He's 30 years old, and has hit like one of the players in baseball for 2 seasons in a row now.

Either way, Dodgers felt a lot better about their 3b situation than their MIF situation; hence trading for a pretty solid MIF prospect and trading away Olivera; who the Dodgers now have doubts about playing an adequate defensive 2b in the majors.

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Keep an eye out for this. Howie Kendrick left last night with a strained hamstring.

If he goes on the DL, the Dodgers can do two things:

1. Shift Kike Hernandez over to 2b full time, call up a bench warmer in Darwin Barney.


2. Call up Peraza to play full time, keeping Kike in the super utility roll.

So just FYI for everyone.

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Not sure ... here's a little info, though (more editorial and not definitive, but looks like he's hitting well in ST).


The Jose Peraza show continued to roll on. The 21-year-old had two more hits and is now hitting .319 on the spring. He also stole his sixth base. I still believe he winds up in the minor leagues to begin the season, but you can make a very valid argument that the Reds should bring him up to start the year and just play him around the field four times a week and it would be a big benefit for the team. The counter argument is that he should be playing every day and even if he would help the team early in 2016, the team isn’t likely going anywhere this season so playing every day to continue to develop should be the first priority.

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Cave (#2 Rule 5 pick) to waivers. Looks like Peraza made it.

(too early to make his Mlb thread just yet)

Not really as Peraza had a cup of coffee with the Dodgers last September.

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