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Zelous Wheeler 2014 Outlook


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First game doing pretty well. Any value here?

He has very modest power with no speed so you're mainly looking at batting average upside I guess, with some HR sprinkled in. If you look at him on TV, he's pretty chunky, so I doubt he'll get many infield hits. His plate discipline seems about average. From my understanding though is that he is going to be a utility player so possibly no every-day at bats. That will put a damper on any value he may have.

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I have to say I like the name.

minor league numbers..


27 years old, making his 1st appearance in the majors.

looks to have had decent power in the minors. AVG in the minors decent, but never above .300 anywhere. (.300 once in his 1st year of pro ball).

could be okay in a deep league, more so if he gets position eligibility at more than 1 potion like Solarte had. I guess there is a chance he gets hot similar to what Solarte did, but I'm not really expecting much.

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I followed him a bit when he was in the Orioles system but he could never get it together.

I have been to a bunch of SWB games this year and he has always looked very good. It seems like he got on base at least once every time I saw him play and he looked pretty good at 3B too.

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