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Lawson/Frye for Gay/Koufas/McGary

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I would not do this, especially if it would leave you hurting for assists. Lawson is the best player in the deal, and Frye is the third best player in the deal short-term. I know you need to think long-term in a dynasty as well, but.. The only way I would consider moving Ty and Frye like this is if I was out of contention and really needed to just build for the future. If that's the case, then forget about Rudy Gay, he's not a piece to build around if you aren't shooting for a title right now. You should get a mega-upside guy (or two) for a Lawson package, not a couple long-shots like Koufos (who has never shown more than 8 and 7, and still has his path blocked for a year of two) and McGary (no idea how he'll translate to NBA game, but I don't think he'll ever be a 10ppg scorer and his efficiency is sure to be even worse- there aren't easy offensive put-backs in the NBA that he built his college stats off of).

Lawson is only 26 and has a handful of years as a top 10 PG left in the tank. I personally wouldn't trade him unless it's a major upgrade or some major upside. Gay/Koufas/McGary offers none of that, in my opinion. If you're gonna punt Assists (not that I'm advising it) I'd look to become dominant in another category by unloading the couple assist guys I do have.

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