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Real Fantasy Football - A Snake Draft Soccer Game

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I'm Martin from http://www.realff.co.uk

Real Fantasy Football is the game that increases inter-game rivalry and doesn't let it disappear. To intensify the rivalry, you'll use the ‘snake draft’ to select your unique squad.

It means that you won't share ANY of your players with other teams in your league. Through 15 rounds of intense drafting, you'll go head to head with your friends fighting it out for the most talented individuals the Premier League has to offer. The end result? Your very own unique 15-man squad.

You can replace those players who aren't cutting it with those who've gone overlooked in the draft. Or propose a trade to your friends as you decide whether it's worth trading your inconsistent injury-prone star player for a less talented, but more consistent alternative.

Check it out at:


or our twitter feed:


if you have any questions at all, you can either ask on here or email me at info@realff.co.uk



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