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Favorite "What Ifs" of all time in the MLB


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What if the 1994 Strike never happened? Would Tony Gwynn had batted .400+? Would the Expos have won the World Series?

What if Josh Hamilton never gotten into drugs?

What are your favorite What Ifs?

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What if the Red Sox never traded Babe Ruth

What if Steve Bartman doesn't go to that Cubs/Marlins game

What if Dwight Gooden never used cocaine

What if the players allowed the fight between Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura play out

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Hmmm, probably the greatest "what if" in MLB history in my mind: What if the color barrier never existed? Over half of baseball's current history occurred before Jackie Robinson played his first game. What players would be household names, legends even, that are completely unknown today?

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What if Goose Gossage shaved his stache?

What is that ball never bounced off Cansecos head for a HR?

What if Chris Davis is the biggest fantasy bust of all time?

What if Kevin Quackenbush and Cal Clutterbuck ran for President and VP? -- I love the idea of a Quackenbush-Clutterbuck ticket!

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What if Steve Bartman never fcked with Alou's catch or what if Alex Gonzales never fcked routine plays all in that same inning?

Yes I'm a Cubs fan in Chicago.

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I think about how different it would be if you changed the dimensions of the field even a little bit. 80 feet for baselines, or 100 feet. Steals would be automatic, or impossible. What would the best hitters bat from 55 feet? .050? If that? 90 mph would be what, 105 mph? 95 would be 115ish? It's not a perfect correlation distance to speed, it's worse than that. You can really only see 90 mph for part of the way to plate, and you'd be taking 5 feet off whatever that distance is, rather than 5 feet off 60.

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I wonder what would have been of Rick Ankiel had he not lost his mind on the mound.

He was "The next great Lefty"

Rookie season he was 11-7 with a 3.50 ERA/1.21 WHIP

142 ERA+

2.92 FIP

And a K/9 of 10

He might not have been Kershaw, but he might have been a guy who would currently have 200+ Wins and still be in a rotation

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