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Should I trade Julius Randle and picks for Derrick Favors in a dynasty?

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16 team league, 9 categories (2PT% and 3PT% rather than FG% and 3PTM).

I recently traded Mike Conley for the #6, #15, and #24 picks in this year's draft. I already had the #5 and #21 picks.

I chose Julius Randle with #5 and Noah Vonleh with #6.

I have been offered Derrick Favors (on a max contract) and a 2nd round pick next year (likely around #25) for Julius Randle, #15, and #21.

I am desperately trying to go young and big, as this league has 3PT% as its 9th cat rather than 3PTM. I think Favors could be my cornerstone for years to come -- he's only 23 years old, and Ty Corbin is finally gone.

Should I pull the trigger?


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Keep the picks or ask him to let you keep the later pick. Too much talent still in that portion of the draft. I was able to get TJ Warren and Lavine and 15 and 20, pre-summer league.

Agreed. Randle + 2 picks? Nah.

Randle with a low pick or no picks are a yes. But I wouldn't sacrifice two. I'd rather gamble on Randle.

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I'd do it in a hartbeat. 16team league? There's a very good chance both picks 15 and 21 won't be rosterable. Everyone is acting like every first round pick will have value, that's statistically impossible. There will be probably busts in the top10, imagine after pick 15. Favors is good, young and gets stocks. Randle doesn't. Even if he breaks out I don't think he'll have much value, he could be a Z-Bo, or David Lee lite. And he could also be the next kwame. You have a lot to lose and not that much to gain keeping Randle and the picks. Maybe ask for an upgrade on that 2nd round pick, but I would be fine with it

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