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Kevin Durant 2014-2015 Season Outlook


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Putting KD on my DND list.

he should of been on that list before this season even started... this dude in my league was bragging about how KD "fell on is lap" with the 10th pick and how he was gonna beat everybody in the league once KD came back....... needless to say, his team is not even in the playoffs right now

KD and Melo were my first 2 picks this year and I am in the lead in my matchup in the semifinals. There are many ways to win in fantasy. CSB, I know.

must be an 8-teamer?

Nope 12 teamer. Bledsoe in the 3rd, Horford in the 4th, Duncan in the 5th, Butler in the 6th, Nerlens in the 7th, R-Jax in the 8th, Tyson Chandler in the 9th, Danny Green in the 10th. Scooped Gobert, Whiteside, Elfrid Payton, Middleton, Covington, Lin, Morrow and Schroder off the waivers and the rest is history. Made the playoffs as the 4th seed, currently beating the 1 seed.

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This wasnt realistic given the constraints of the cap. Now KD, RW and Harden possibly yes, but all 4 certainly not.

MAN..OKC is one joke of an org. Could potentially have a 4-some of KD, Harden, Ibaka and Russ. Now the let Harden go, mess around with a top 4 PG in the league and F'd up ROYALLY with a potential all time great. I'll be SHOCKED if KD and Russ resign with them once they are FAs. And I thought Knicks were bad. Don't think anyone can come CLOSE to the incompetence of these idiots for a v v v v V LONG TIME!!

Don't think this is true. It's not my money, but the NBA salary structure allows you to keep as many guys as you want if you're willing to pay the tax.

The value of their team has gone up from $350m to approximately $930m in just 9 years. It's hard to cry poverty when your team is tripling in value, and winning rings only helps the resale value of your team. If they kept 4 guys at max level, that's approximately $9m over the tax ($80m), plus the rest of your roster would probably push the total to about $100m.

This very well might not be on Presti at all and instead falls at the feet of the ownership group. But someone has to get blamed because they had a chance at multiple championships if they had kept their core together, but instead they cheaped out while the value of their franchise increased $600m.

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The surgery today was a bone graft which is pretty rough as a surgery. We are talking about refiguring his foot and taking bone from one place and adding it to a tiny bone in his foot. It's a problematic surgery.

I have KD in a keeper league. I have to consider keeping Ibaka or Millsap instead next yr. I almost certainly won't. He is just too important in a league like that. But I'll have to consider it.

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I just cant afford, nor bring myself to drafting someone with my FIRST round pick who has injury history/a big injury last year/consistently misses games because of small injuries...this is why I dont draft CP3, Rose, Al Jefferson, Wade, ect. Now especially with Durant because his current injury REGRESSED, and now they need a bone graph...where they take bone somewhere else in his body(i think it is usually the hip) and graph it into his foot.....Sounds like his bone is deteriorating or something. Which for some reason reminds me of Brandon Roys bone/knee regression.....Just dont want to take the chance on a player like that. Reliability and consistency >>>>>>>>>>>>>

I feel sorry for my current opponent I am facing. Because I know he is the BIGGEST KD fan that I know. And he drafted him this year(6th overall pick, ahead of James Harden...), knowing his injury and has had him in his IR practically all year...Kudos to him to making it so far tho. He probably would be beating me if KD was on schedule, healthy and came back for the Playoffs.

Fantasy aside, I hope KD gets better. Recovers, comes back to the league and DOMINATES it again....

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