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Fantasy Premier League Help!


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So I joined a fantasy premier league that my Brother in law runs.

I know pretty much nothing about the Premier League. I was wondering if someone could give me some insight/feedback on my team.

We play a head to head format against the other teams in our league.

Scoring is as follows:

Points Action

1 For playing up to 60 minutes

2 For playing 60 minutes or more

6 For each goal scored by a goalkeeper or defender

5 For each goal scored by a midfielder

4 For each goal scored by a forward

3 For each goal assist

4 For a clean sheet by a goalkeeper or defender

1 For a clean sheet by a midfielder

3 For every 3 shot saves by a goalkeeper

5 For each penalty save

-2 For each penalty miss

1-3 Bonus points for the best players in a match

-1 For every 2 goals conceded by a goalkeeper or defender

-1 For each yellow card

-3 For each red card

-2 For each own goal

I have not found good resources to even tell starting line-ups

We get to play 1 GK, 3 Def, 3 Mid, 2 For, and 2 utility players, and 5 bench spots

Here is my line up

GK- Fraser Forster (Southampton), bench- Artur Boruc (Southampton)

Def- Ivanovic (Chelsea), Zabaleta (Man City), Debuchy (Arsenal), bench- Bertrand (Southampton), Smalling (Man U)

Mid- Matic (Chelsea), Toure (Man City), McCarthy (Everton), bench- Dyer (Swansea)

For- Kane (Tottenham), Soldado (Tottenham), Bench- Diouf (Stoke)

Utility- Coutinho (Midfielder Liverpool), Pelle (Forward Southampton)

Please let me know what you think of my lineup and I can list a few of the free agents (Players can only be on 1 team).

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Fantasy PL is harder than ever before mainly because guessing lineups has become such a crapshoot.

The best players usually play for the top 4 clubs and as the season progresses, coaches rest starting players for other competitions (FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League, etc.) and use other players from the 20-23 man squad. Smaller clubs don't do this as much, but they too have plenty of depth nowadays.

If you want an idea of who might play and who won't, look at http://www.whoscored.com/Regions/252/Tournaments/2/Seasons/3853/Stages/7794/PlayerStatistics/England-Premier-League-2013-2014 and sort by appearances, or 'Apps'. The guys that play 30 games or more are the ones that will play almost every week. During the season, you can look at the individual match previews at http://www.theguardian.com/football and each preview has predicted lineups...not always accurate, but better than nothing.

As for your team, i'd say your defence looks good...although Ivanovic is a rotation risk, since Chelsea's back 4 will probably be Azpi, Cahill, Terry, Filipe Luis. You should get plenty of clean sheets from Zaba, Debuchy and Smalling.

Not too sure about the midfield. Matic and McCarthy are defensive midfielders, they won't score a lot of points...2s or 3s every week. Toure and Coutinho are good.

Soldado was an awful pick, he is on his way out of the Premier League. The guy was a bust last year. You would have been better off taking the other Spurs striker, Adebayor. Diouf and Pelle are new signings; i'm sure Pelle will get a plenty of game time but Diouf has 3 other strikers to contend with at Stoke.

You definitely need another striker or two, your lineup needs goals. A few attacking midfielders wouldn't hurt either

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