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12 Team 1 PPR H2H League

Picked 4th overall snake draft

QB - N Foles - 7th rd (76)

RB - J Charles - 1st rd (4)

RB - M Ball - 2nd rd (21)

WR - V Cruz - 4th rd (45)

WR - P Harvin - 5th rd (52)

FLEX - S Vereen - 3rd rd (28)

TE - Z Ertz - 10th rd (117)

DEF - Chiefs 13th rd (148)

K - B Walsh - 14th rd (165)

BN - B Pierce - 12th rd (141)

BN - B Sankey - 8th rd (93)

BN - D Amendola - 9th rd (100)

BN - K Wright - 6th rd (69)

BN - K Benjamin - 11th rd (124)

We will see with Ertz, kind of risky with him as my only TE.

Overall I'm pretty excited with how it went down.

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You're set at RB and Vereen should be an absolute stud this year with 60+ catches. But your WRs are going to be an issue.

I dont trust the Giants offense at all or Percy and Amendola is made of peanut brittle.

WR is your biggest issue but everything else is pretty solid.

I actually like Ertz and think he will be great this year.


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Hopefully Cruz can bounce back for you as you are a slight bit weak at WR. You are good at RB, I am surprised Charles dropped to you. Kind of a bold move to go with Ertz as your only TE, unless he has an awesome 1st game I would hit up the waiver wire for a TE after week 1 to back him up.


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