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Keep RB5 or grab Kelce? WHIR

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12 team ppr

RBs: McCoy, PThomas, JBell, DMac & Shonn Greene.

WRs: AlshonJ, Roddy, KAllen, KBenjamin, MWheaton

TE KRudolph.

If things get bad enough that I end up needing to start Shonn Greene, I'm probably beyond help.

I could drop him for Kelce, which gives a little flexibility, and if Kelce lives up to hype, I have tradable assets. And it's not like I'll have to watch as another owner scoops up Greene for big numbers anyway.


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I wouldn't do it. Greene is a starting RB, and Kelce is still a backup to Fasano. Kelce definitely has potential, but so does Greene as a starter. I'd try to trade Greene for a better TE if he has a good game after wks 1 or 2.

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