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Who should I keep??????


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I'm in a league where we keep 14 of our players and I just finished losing the championship by 1 measly point

Matt Hasselback

Jake Delhomme

Chad Johnson

Terrell Owens

Steven Smith

Brandon Marshall

Sidney Rice

Shaun Alexander

Marshawn Lynch

Justin Fargas

Kellen Winslow

DJ Williams

Patrick Willis

Antonio Pierce

David Harris

Keith Bulluck

Barrett Ruud

Champ Bailey

These are the guys I'm deciding between. Which 3 do you think I should cut. I'm leaning towards Champ Bailey after a solid year but not a great year, Bulluck same story and even though he had a 1000 yard season justin fargas. What do you guys think!!!!?

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I'd say you need to acquire another RB for sure. Trade whomever has the highest trade value to other GMs to acquire that talent. Bailey still has name recognition, so despite you not deeming him one of your 14 best players some may overvalue him...try to package him and someone from one of your other deep positions to acquire a RB. That would be the course of action I would take.

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