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Chris Davis & 2015 ADP. Cuttable in a keeper?

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Awful season, but still had 26 HRs, 72 RBI, 65 runs in 127 games. Averaged .278 43 HRs & 105 RBI the 2 previous seasons.

11 team roto, we can keep up to 7. I likely have 5 lock keepers, and Davis would be an option as keeper 6 or 7, battling guys like Mesoraco, CSantana, Kipnis, HPence, Teheran.

I currently own KVargas & SPearce who can take his spot at 1B, but I may need to stream some SP in the last 2 weeks. I'm currently in 3rd place & have a shot at 2nd & even 1st.

So is Davis a top ~75 pick next year? Should I hold, or feel ok dropping?

Leave a link, happy to help.

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Since you're competing for 2nd or possibly 1st, I would have no problem dropping him for streaming SP. He was clearly on something in 2013, and he'll never come close to repeating a season like that. He's very much droppable in a keeper, especially when you have 7+ guys who you'd be insane to pass up over the likes of him.











They're all better keepers than Davis.

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