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Rate my starting lineup! (STANDARD SCORING 10 MAN) WHIP


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Matt Ryan

Alfred Morris

Giovani Bernard

Calvin Johnson

Jordy Nelson

Greg Olson

Vincent Jackson (Ryan Mathews)

What do you guys think? I'm 4-0 and just made a blockbuster trade to create this lineup.

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That's a really solid lineup right there. VJAX should see an uptick with Glennon at the Helm and Matthews will have no other RBs to eat into touches with Woodhead out for the year.

Thanks with mine.

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Its between puke and garbage. Id drop the whole lot of em and hit the waiver wire hard.

I know this is sarcasm, but looking at your signature, if I said the same about your team, it wouldn't be sarcasm. :)

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Sweet baby Jesus that team is stacked... I'm glad you're not in my 10 man league! Barring injuries you've got zero weak spots on your roster. Nice job, good luck in the playoffs!

Thanks bro!

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