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How do I push a trade through in yahoo league?


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we have a trade:

Lacie, rainey, and c. patterson


Julius Thomas, bradin cooks, and markus wheaton

two of those players play tonight and the due to the two day wait period the trade

wont resolve until friday, meaning we have to wait til monday for the trade to take


Does anyone know how the commish can approve/push the trade through today? right now

the trade process is on league votes for veto.

thanks for the help guys

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if its a public league you can't. If its a private league, you have a chance but the rest of the league might have an issue with the commish changing the rules in the middle of the season. I got absolutely hammered for doing the opposite, and the season did not even begin yet. (It was an unfair trade, and I thought the league should vote on it). So assuming this is a private league, your commish is in a tough spot. If its a public league, you are screwed.

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