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Drop Pierre and Add Crowell, ASJ, or OBeckam Jr.?

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Crowell CLE RB: word is he's most talented back in Cleveland. Dropping Pierre for him trades one RBBC mess for another. I lose ppr catches but gain upside. I'd also have 3 browns on my roster.

Austin Seferian Jenkins TB TE: he's on everyone's radar this week, but after Sunday he might be everyone's top waiver pick. He's got size and speed to be an impact player.

OBeckham Jr NYG WR: Top pick plugs into high powered offense. He'd be 4th option for Eli initially, but could play his way to strong status.

I could pick up one of these guys today. If I drop Pierre and he performs, I can get him back off the wire on Wednesday. And saints on bye next week anyhow.

I could also drop DBrown...

Should I make move or sit tight?

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Personally I would drop D. Brown for ASJ or Crowell (I can't see your team so i don't know what your needs are). I'm sure that Tate will get hurt again (he was complaining about something this week already), so Crowell would be the guy if Tate goes down. I think even with Tate playing Crowell will get the most touches (between him and West that is). I don't know enough yet about Beckham and the NYG offense. Thanks for helping with mine ! Good luck !

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