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Jeremy Hill, Jonathan Stewart, or Lorenzo Taliaferro?

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Okay so here's the sitation I need a kicker and I need to stash the best value rb.

1. Im going to drop Crowell and pick up Haushcka or Matt Bryant.

2. Im going to drop Lorenzo Taliaferro and pick up Jeremy Hill or Jonathan Stewart.

Which RB do I keep or pick up going forward?

Standard non ppr 10 team
QB = Phillip Rivers
Wr1 = Randall Cobb
Wr2 = Keenan Allen
Wr backups = M. Crabtree , Golden Tate, Eddie Royal, DeAndre Hopkins
Rb 1 = Marshawn Lynch
Rb 2 = Montee Ball
Rb backups = Lorenzo Taliaferro , Mark Ingram (out), Isaiah Crowell
Flex = Wes Welker
TE = Travis Kelce
K = (none)
Def = Denver

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