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Joique vs Sproles vs Hill (w/ Gio)


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Standard scoring.

Looking to settle in on my RB stashes/handcuffs.

My RBs: Gio, Jennings, Asiata, McKinnon, Mathews, Sproles

My WRs: Nelson, Maclin, Crabtree, Patterson, Wayne

Would you drop Sproles for Joique Bell, Jeremy Hill, or Andre Williams? Or maybe drop a WR?

WHIR with a link.

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Man, I'd really try and trade some TWO for ONE deals out there. Whenever I'm in a league with crazy talent thats what I do, and then pick up the studs in the FA. You really need to find a way to get Hill on your team, but you have too much value with your current RB situation.


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I would consider picking up Hill but I would not cut one of your WRs.

Sproles is going to be too up an down to be trusted on a weekly basis.

Especially with byes, Hill may be a viable flex option some weeks to along with Gio. I think he will get decent numbers every week which is not what you can say with Sproles.

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